September 30, 2017

WilliamsburgWith a population of approximately 15,000 people, is it any wonder that Williamsburg, VA is a great place to be? It is also a very important part of American history. It is an area where history is brought to life because of its Revolutionary War references. It is part of the “Historic Triangle” along with both Jamestown and Yorktown.

Why the Triangle Is Important

williamsburg reenactments

The historic triangle features many restored attractions. They can all be reached via the Colonial Parkway. Jamestown was the first English settlement in the New World. It was established in 1607. Williamsburg became the capitol of the Virginia Colony in 1699. It continued to hold the title until 1780 when the government moved to the more secure area of Richmond. You can still see 88 original buildings and many more have been fully restored to highlight the history of this amazing city. Yorktown is the third point on the triangle and it is where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington. It is known as where the last land battle took place and it happened in 1781.

History Is Alive and Well

tasting trail in Virginia

The history is important to everyone in Williamsburg, even though times have changed drastically. There are still people who reenact some of the most famous battles of the Revolutionary War. They do it so that no one can forget the significance of the war. The buildings that have been preserved were also important in some way. Restorations have also taken place to help give reenactors a place to tell the story. However, that does not mean that every part of Williamsburg is reminiscent of the past. There are several new things to see here as well.

Dining and More

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There are a lot of things to do in Williamsburg that have nothing to do with its lengthy history. There are parks that you visit and restaurants for you to enjoy. Several of the restaurants offer some of the best cuisines that you could hope to try. They offer foods from the good ole days and newer menu options that include burgers and fries if that is what you are most interested in. it is also home to Prime Libations, which is an establishment that features vivid lighting, leather seats, wine racks, and more. It is truly a unique dining experience that you will not soon forget. Are you ready to learn more about what Williamsburg has to offer?

Spring Outdoor Jam Sessions

January 25, 2018

outdoor nightclubsEveryone loves the outdoor atmosphere when they are trying to relax after work with a little dinner and a good drink. It is part of what draws people to our club in the first place since it is both an indoor and outdoor club that they can enjoy. Our most popular spot is our outdoor patio and we are looking to upgrade our patio to include Spring outdoor jam sessions.

Patio Fun

nightclub concertUpgrading our patio is high on our priority list. It is something that our clients love. They enjoy sitting outside. Most people want to enjoy a peaceful dinner when they are relaxing with their family and sitting outside. It is quieter and allows them to be in the fresh air. They can unwind and sip their drinks. This enables them to catch up on their day to day lives with their family and friends, but we have decided to make it even better for those that want.

Adding Fun to the Patio

nightclub with outdoor concertFire pits, fancy tables, comfortable chairs, and the great outdoors are all great, but many clients still want more. They wanted to be able to hear the music along with being able to laugh and talk with their family. They wanted to dance and be a part of the nights when we host live music for them to enjoy. Being part of the action and the fun of the clubbing experience as well. Therefore, we have started improving our patio to include an area where live music can be heard, where they can dance and have a good time while they are also sitting and the doing other things that they enjoy. To help us with this, we found the best outdoor speakers from Outdoor Speaker Supply so that we could ensure that the sounds come across loud and clear. This makes it possible for us to host outdoor concerts and live music for everyone.

What’s in Store for Our Club?

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be working hard to create a space that everyone can enjoy being inside of, while they are outside. Lighting that is subtle enough to not be blinding once the sun goes down, music that can truly be heard from the outside of the club, and more improvements will be in the works. Our goal is to start having live music at times for the guests who want to enjoy it while relaxing outdoors. Our hope is that more people will want to come visit with us after they get off work and during the day when they have time off from work. We want our guests to be happy when they come to us because we provide all the things that they want. It is the one way that we are certain we will keep bringing people back to us. Therefore, if you show up to see our spring outdoor jam sessions, we hope that you will tell us what you like the most about our club and tell your friends about us so that we know we are moving forward in the right direction.

Renovating Restaurant Bathrooms- Plans Before Spring

January 21, 2018

airy restaurantsMany restaurants suffer a drastically slower rotation of customers during the cooler weather seasons. There are fewer tourists and most local families seem to want to stay at home. Even having an outdoor patio does not draw the crowds the way it does during the summer months when people want to sit outside where it is quieter and where they can relax. Therefore, winter is the ideal time to take care of renovations. One of our plans before spring is the renovations of our restaurant bathrooms.

Our Renovations

airy bathroomWith the outdoor patios, people often say how great it is to sit outside rather than inside where things are darker. They like the natural light during the day and they enjoy the fresh air feeling that lingers into the evening hours as the sun fades away. Our hope is to bring a little of that freshness into our restaurant. This involves adding plants and lighter colored window dressings, but we also have to do more. The darkest area of our restaurant is the bathrooms and until recently we were unsure of how to solve this problem. Then we started looking around and we soon discovered that it was easier than we had expected, so we are putting our spring projects into motion.

Putting Ideas into Motion

beauitful restaurant bathroomsWe are still trying to figure out which style we will go with, but we are going to add windows to the upper areas of our bathroom walls so that natural light will be able to come in. They will have frosted glass to ensure that it is still a private area that people do not mind using. As to the rest, the commercial plumber we found from Crystal River, FL, Manatee Plumbing, will do the job since we are upgrading the toilets, sinks, and more. Our toilets will be new, low flow toilets that flush automatically so that people do not have to worry about germs. This will also ensure that the toilets stay cleaner and people will feel more comfortable about using them. We are also adding new faucets that are gold in color to help us maintain the light, airy feel of the restrooms. Once we find the right faucets, we hope that they can also be touch-less. When those renovations are complete, we are going to take it a step further by adding mirrors, repainting the walls, and placing live plants around the room.

Our Excitement Grows

As spring comes nearer each day, we spend more and more time getting excited by the idea of our upgrades. Our hope is that people will come to see the improvements we have decided to make and come back because they like the atmosphere of our newly remodeled interior. We know that people like their homes to be light and airy, and we hope to mimic that idea, so we are hoping to create a space that feels less “commercial” and more like home to our visitors. With that, we hope that our past visitors will return to see what we have done and then encourage new visitors to come see the beauty that we have created in our restaurant.

Bringing the Baby with You to Dinner

January 13, 2018

new parentsBeing a parent means that you have a lot of new adjustments to make. Most all of us fail to consider what truly goes into being a new mom or dad. All those little “stories” we hear from other parents do not really sink in because our child “will never stop us from doing that”. Then bam, you have a baby in your arms and realize that at least some of the stories are true. You end up unable to go back to a “normal life” and instead end up with new kind of normal. Throughout all the changes, one of biggest and most complicated may end up being bringing the baby with you to dinner.

A New Normal

sleepyAfter you go into the hospital to have a baby, nothing stays the same. You no longer sleep when you want to, go out on dates just because the mood strikes you, or eat a full meal without having to stop to nurse, bottle feed, or change your little one. This is one of the main reasons that new parents may skip out on going to dinner. It takes a lot of preparations just to spend an hour outside of the home. You have to decide whether to take the baby or leave it with a sitter, which may require you to pack up a baby bag for the sitter if you plan to take your little one to their house. If you take your bundle dinner, you must then pack a diaper bag to ensure that whatever comes up, can be handled without disturbing other diners.

Dinner with Baby


When you take a baby to dinner with you, you have to worry about whether they will start fussing or not. Baby car seats that can be carried in are helpful, because your baby may stay asleep while you enjoy dinner, but not always. If they wake up, you will be faced with the fact that they will want to eat, be changed, be held and cuddled, but uncomfortable because of the noise. They become overstimulated, and then you end up leaving the table before you are finished eating. It is a common scene that every parent knows well, but does it really have to be your story?

How to Survive Dinner

You should take extra clothes for an infant in case of spit ups and such. This will ensure that they are always comfortable. For a slightly older baby, you may consider bringing along a stuffed toy or something that is brightly colored for them to play with. This can help them focus on something beyond all the people around them. Another idea is to use an infant carrier that can constantly swaddle your baby while you eat. You can bottle feed, nurse, and comfort them by simply holding them in a carrier. They make it easier because the infant never feels as though it is in a scary place. It is constantly swaddled and relaxed. As a bonus, with as easy as it will be for you to venture out and enjoy dinner, you may even want to consider changing out your standard baby carrier for a plus size baby carrier shown on Baby Carrier Review Guide. These provide a more comfortable carry for many new mothers. Lastly, all restaurants should be more than accommodating for children even the youngsters. If not, there are plenty of other places to patronize!

Comfortable Indoor Seating Area

December 10, 2017

outdoor seating areasDuring the spring and summer months, many people like sitting outdoors. They also have seating areas that allow them to relax and enjoy time with family or friends. The problem, then becomes the simple fact that outdoors, you have insects, which may force you back inside. Therefore, it is important that you come up with an idea on creating a comfortable indoor seating area.

Advantages of an Indoor Seating Area

indoor sitting roomSeating areas, by definition, are places that can have a lot of people sitting comfortably, in one area. In today’s homes, we often use the living room or the dining room as a gathering spot, but if you have an extra space or do a lot of entertaining; you may want something more impressive. You can have benches instead of couches, warm colors, and end tables or coffee tables all around. Some people also go a step further and create a “courtyard” inside with a lot of plants and greenery, small fountains, and other indoor items. These spaces can be relaxing and enjoyed by many people at one time. If you add in subtle lighting and other things, you can further increase the comfort level of yourself and your guests.

Disadvantages of an Indoor Seating Area

sitting room indoorsOne reason people love outdoor seating areas is because they allow people to get together in a group. There may be nearby fire pits and plenty of warmth. It is spacious, and everyone can talk without things becoming loud. However, insects often stop some of the fun, which is a point against sitting outdoors. Indoors is not without its disadvantages either. What if someone in your group is excessively loud talking or a smoker? What if several people are smokers and no one wants to go outside and into the bugs? Perhaps they will bring insects inside of your home by going outside. These could be things that make you want to deal with the bugs and stay outside, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Weather is also a concern when you have a seating area in the great outdoors. Indoors, you don’t have to worry as much, except for when visitors track in dirt and mud.

The Solution to Your Problems

The easiest fix is to find a way to eliminate the insects that may be buzzing around inside your home. You can find an indoor mosquito trap from this site if you have a major mosquito problem outdoors. This will allow smokers to go outside and then come inside. If they bring in mosquitoes or other insects; the mosquito trap will take care of it so that they do not stay in your home. Smokers also have an odor after they have been outside smoking. For this, you can use an air purifier that will prevent the smoky odor from lingering in your seating area. If you have only one smoker visiting, or you yourself smoke, having an air purifier can remove the odors of people who smoke in your sitting room. This is good if part of your “ideal” sitting room experience is to have everyone sitting around smoking cigars while talking business. You can do it without having to worry about the smell of cigars lingering throughout your home. Are you ready to start creating?

Unique Restaurant Decor

November 20, 2017

modern restaurantRestaurants are all about an atmosphere. They may have great foods, fabulous cooks, and a friendly waitstaff, but if the mood inside of it isn’t appealing; they will not be a place that people want to go. Therefore, many restaurants choose to look for unique restaurant decor before they open up on the first day and it is a great thing that they do.

Restaurant’s Basic Decor

romantic decorThe most basic decor in any restaurant is the tables and chairs. This is because the dining room will be filled with many people who are there to relax and enjoy a good meal that they do not have to prepare for themselves. The tables should be of various sizes to accommodate different parties or groups of people, but they should also look nice. Tables that are covered create a more formal look, wooden tables are designed for country cooking, and protected tables are great if you do not want to have to replace damaged tables often. The chairs and benches should be comfortable and match up well with the table you have chosen.

Unique Restaurant Decor

Once you have the basics, you will need to decide how you are going to finish out decorating. An old-style country cooking type restaurant will look great with old signs hanging on the wall, old farming equipment sitting on shelves, and more. If you want to create an exotic look, you may choose to go with exotic flowers, zebra switch plate covers and animal portraits on the wall. In a formal dining area, you will want to choose decor that brings formality to the space. Private table areas, such as those with a booth surrounded by a wall, cloth tablecloths, cloth napkins, candles, chandeliers, and floral prints on the walls may be ideal. You should also consider a lot of greenery around the dining area if you want to create a space that is formal, romantic, and appeal to all who may come to visit.

Make a Statement

romantic diningPeople want to enjoy a place that they will go to eat and relax in. There are themed restaurants all over the place and then there are restaurants that have a theme. You can make your restaurant stand out in the crowd by giving guests what they want. This means having the friendly staff and the excellent food, but also decorating it so that they feel as though they are in a space that is inviting them to relax and enjoy. This may involve having rose petals on each table or twinkling lights on the ceiling. It could involve old fashioned wooden tables with a high gloss on them or overstuffed dining room chairs that enable a person to relax while they eat. There are no rules for any restaurant when it comes to decor, but you should create something that makes your place one of a kind in the eyes of those who visits. Even the smallest details will not go unnoticed by most guests, who have nothing better to do than look around while they wait for food.